Social Events

Social Rooms

  • We will provision a number of unmoderated social rooms at all times (first-come-first-serve). Any time you access a social room, our platform will show the name of participants in the respective “social room”. This allows other participants to know where you are to join you for a discussion or socialization. If the room gets too crowded, choose a different empty room (you can contact other people in the room through the zoom private chat). The status of rooms is updated on vgate every approximately 15 seconds!
  • We encourage conference speakers to announce a vacant “social room number (e.g., Social 32 )” in which speakers will be available after their session (e.g., break). This will allow participants to join them for additional questions or discussions.
  • Alternatively, think about your next paper, proposal or social activity … e.g., asking people by in-session chats to join you in the social rooms … Try to socialize with people you know or don’t know!

Social Program

  • During the social program we aim to present the host country Cyprus through videos and music. Particularly, we cover culture, geography, food, leisure and other enjoyable aspects about Cyprus.
  • These videos will appear at designated time slots in the “live” section.
  • We sincerely hope that you enjoy these videos and learn something new about Cyprus. We hope to welcome you physically one day, when the pandemic conditions allow so.

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